AEF Achievement, Creativity, and Technology Grant

Achievement, Creativity, and Technology  Grant

The ACT Grant program was temporarily suspended by our board of directors in February 2015. Once the application is re-opened the application and general information will be posted here.

Please read carefully before submitting your funding request:
  • The purpose of the Achievement, Creativity, and Technology Grant is to provide funding for new, unique and unbudgeted events, programs, projects or activities approved by AISD that will benefit students and teachers of the district.
  • Requests for technology and/or equipment will only be considered if such request significantly enhances the outcome of a new, unique and unbudgeted event, program, project or activity.
  • The mission of the Abilene Education Foundation Achievement, Creativity, and Technology Grant is to respond to requests of AISD educators for the purpose of improving achievement or rewarding academic achievement related to the education of our students.


Those who are eligible to apply include:

  • Principals
  • Counselors
  • Teachers (but only with administrator approval)
  • Librarians (but only with administrator approval)
  • Community nonprofits with programs impacting the achievement of AISD students

Criteria for Evaluation/Information required:

  • Type and description of grant request
  • Confirmation of AISD approval
  • Number of students involved/affected
  • Total cost of event, program, project or activity
  • Funding amount requested
  • Date funding needed
  • Other organizations to whom funding requests have been made and amount(s) requested
  • At this time, the ACT committee has decided not to fund continuing education requests.

 Funds available per quarter will total $5,000. Grant requests will be reviewed by a committee of the Abilene Education Foundation.