In recent decades communities throughout the nation, both large and small, have established education foundations to help their local public schools. Over 250 such organizations now exist in the state of Texas. While they vary in size and approach, all seek to improve the quality of public education at the local level. Education foundations provide a conduit for charitable contributions from individuals, area businesses, and foundations. They offer citizens and the corporate community an opportunity to become more closely involved in their schools in a variety of creative ways.


As a result of the extraordinary efforts of six dedicated founders, the Abilene Education Foundation was created in the year 2000. It has blossomed from a grass-roots beginning to an endowed, 501 (c) (3) organization that supports the Abilene Independent School District’s students, teachers, staff, and parents.


In 2006 AEF hired its first Executive Director, Jean McMillon. Mrs. McMillon retired in 2015 and Christine Curtis-Carr assumed the role of Executive Director. The organization now employs an Executive Director, Administrative Assistant, Office Intern, and four College Advisors.