Star Teacher Grants

Supporting Teachers through Academic Resources

Hoots and hollers, the rattling of noise-makers, a whole lot of laughter and cheers, along with a handful of happy tears were just some of the things you may have witnessed on September 18-19 (better known as Prize Parade Days), as the Abilene Education Foundation (accompanied by AEF board members and members of the school board) once again marched through the halls of Abilene ISD campuses, awarding unsuspecting – yet hopeful – teachers and counselors with STAR (Supporting Teachers with Academic Resources) Teacher Grants. AEF awards STAR Teacher Grants (up to $1000) each September to deserving teachers, based on grant proposals submitted during the summer, for a wide array of projects – from I-pads and technology, to flexible seating options, to incentives designed to reward classroom attendance. Grants are read, evaluated, and ranked (blindly) by a panel of readers.  This year was a particularly competitive year, as AEF received an impressive 170 applications.  Of those, AEF was able to award 75 grants to 96 teachers across 24 campuses, totaling $60,000 in funds to support curriculum and classroom enrichment.  Thanks, in large part, to employee participation in AEF’s annual Payroll Deduction Campaign, this year’s grants exceeded last year’s funding by over $10,000! A small sampling of this year’s grants included:  a rap (you read that right – as in “bust a flow”) program for teaching elementary-level vocabulary, flexible seating options, updated student libraries, resources for book clubs and lunch bunches, incentives to promote student attendance, tablets, cameras for senior projects, an educational field trip, projection screen technology for theatre production sets, and so much more.

STAR Teacher Grants are funded primarily through the AISD Payroll Deduction Donation Campaign, individual donors (thank you Jason & Leila Darby, Susan Mouser, Candy Scarborough), and matching funds from Kaye Price-Hawkins/Priceless Literacy, and the Greathouse Foundation.  The Abilene Education Foundation is proud to partner, year-after-year, with the fine educators of AISD to promote and enhance excellence in education through enrichment of the district’s programs.

2017-2018 STAR Grant Winners

To see our Prize Parade delivering the good news to our winners, Click Here

Name of Grant Campus Teacher Name
High School Book Clubs Abilene High School Condra, Katherine
Bringing Content Alive Abilene High School Sparks, Amy
Perot Museum T-STEM Bridging Activity ATEMS High School Haney, Larry
High Phlying Phoenix ATEMS High School Owens, Ryan
The Right Stuff ATEMS High School Batson, Karen
“Tracking” with EZ Scan Austin Elementary Sanderson, Carol
Star Grant Application Austin Elementary Ritchey, Claudia
Flexibly FUN seating Austin Elementary Youngblood, Jessica
Lunch Bunch Austin Elementary Dooley, Christina
Space Matters for the 21st Century Learner! Austin Elementary Hammer, Tiffany
Just Read! Bassetti Elementary Bunnell, Kathy
Kindergarten Kreations! Bassetti Elementary Reed, Jill
Creation Station Bassetti Elementary Hernandez, Hillary
Versatiles: Engaging All Students to Love Learning! Bonham Elementary Martin, Amanda
Manipulatives and More Bonham Elementary Mayhugh, Ashley
Diversity Classroom Library Bonham Elementary Williams, Dominiquee
“Be the One!” Rock Garden: A Cultivation of Empowerment Bonham Elementary Corbett, Teri Lyn
Harrison, Kristi
Building For a Brighter Future: Bonham Engineers Bonham Elementary Brooks, Carolyn
Special is as Special Does Bonham Elementary Owen, Lindsey
M3: Multiplication Machine Mania! Bowie Elementary Burk, Julia
I-Pads for Virtual Labs Clack Middle School Haney, Mary
A Real Life Wonder Clack Middle School Smith, Ann
Note Knacks Clack Middle School Reiff, Virginia
Breakout of This! Cooper High School Barber, Cheryl
May, Keely
Text Me Later Cooper High School Harbour, Sandra
Chemistry you can hold in your hand Cooper High School Miller, Amie
Aren’t you glad we had that AEF Ipad?! Cooper High School Miller, Amie
The Next State for Theatre Cooper High School Pitney, Eric
Craig Middle School Never Been Absent Program Craig Middle School Ashford, Sheila
Moving Math Minds with Flexible Seating Craig Middle School Smith, Jamie
3-D Printer Craig Middle School Easley, Sucinda
Smile, You are In the Colt Yearbook! Craig Middle School Loftin, Kay
Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Dyess Elementary Hill, Deborah
Student Flexible Seating Dyess Elementary Hamilton, Rachel
Learning Anatomy through Food and Crafts! Holland Medical High School Cluck, Karen
Pharmacy Compound Training Holland Medical High School Borchert, Debra
On FIRE to Learn to Read Jackson Elementary Deckman, Dana
Flocabulary!!! Jackson Elementary Green, Richard
Sensory Learning for the Visually Impaired Jefferson Center Prather, Mindy
Weapons of Mass Instruction Johnston Elementary Roberts, Kelly
“Taking It To The Streets” Johnston Elementary Kirtley, Deana
Readers Are Leaders Lee Elementary Oglesby, Courtney
Play, Practice, Perfection: Play-Based Learning in Kindergarten Lee Elementary Furlow, Glorie
Let’s Boogie Lee Elementary Muniz, Sandi
Digitizing art for the future!!! Madison Middle School Sloane, Brady
Weight No More Madison Middle School Lafuente, Lyana
Artists Ask Me To Read (promoting literacy in the art room) Madison Middle School Sloane, Brady
Madison Middle School Never Been Absent Program Madison Middle School Metters, Thurmond
Lunch Bunch Part Deux Madison Middle School Hillin, Cathy
Dooley, Christina
Ipads to the Rescue Madison Middle School Chapman, Elaine
Reading in a Flash! Mann Middle School Enriquez, Tina
Mann Middle School 8th Grade Science Team Earth Science Demonstration Squeezebox Mann Middle School Weatherman, Scott
One in a Million Mann Middle School Obosky, April
Mann Middle School Never Been Absent Program Mann Middle School Trollett, Alana
Martinez “Key” to Happiness Keyhole Garden Martinez Elementary White, Breann
Can You Hear Me Now? Martinez Elementary Norwood, Darlene
S.T.E.M.ulate your minds Ortiz Elementary Carrell, Schivon
Classroom Eye Candy: A Flexible Seating Paradise Ortiz Elementary Voss, Jane
Oh, what can we become? Ortiz Elementary Shelton, Annette
Smith, Andie
Diaz, Melissa
Stephens, Glenda
Voss, Jane
Manzilla, Keimara
Incorporating literacy through science & social studies in dual language classrooms Ortiz Elementary Diaz, Melissa
Smith, Andrea
The Classroom Camera: Focused on Thinking while Developing Leaders Ortiz Elementary Wills, Geraldine
Authentic Art & Creative Expression Ortiz Elementary Howard, Jennifer
Hands on Technology in Kindergarten Reagan Elementary Bagley, Lauren
Flexible Seating Reagan Elementary Wiggins, Joy
“Break Out” of the Norm Taylor Elementary Packer, Amy
Exploration Tubs for Stimulating First Graders Taylor Elementary Mize, McKenzy
Math Multiplies Your Opportunities Taylor Elementary Van Houten, Lori
Easier Assessment in Kindergarten! Taylor Elementary Churchill, Anita
Reese, Jody
Watson, Teena
Pittman, Sarah
Luster, Jessica
Connecting Kinders Thomas Elementary Day, Rosanna
Stand Up, Sit Down, Wobble All Around. Flexible Seating You Choose How to Learn Thomas Elementary Olney, Kathy
Arick, Amy
Pryor, Heather
Southerland, Suzanne
Hip-Hip Hooray “OSMO” Station TIME Thomas Elementary Allred, Chaney
Kindergarted STEMotivation Thomas Elementary Allred, Chaney
Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader (Connecting the 7 strengths of a Super Reader to Leadership) Ward Elementary Ladyman, Cynthia
Lomax, Brittny
7 Continents/7 Stations: Around the World in 30 Minutes Ward Elementary Keenum, Susan
Grow Good Health Woodson Center for Excellence Watson, Tina